Fulani, another Honeybee rescued

Chris Brown contacted me a while ago about his boat Fulani which he believed to be a Honeybee.

William Boag Bermudan Sloop 2


It was not until recently that I came across a set of photographs of a Boag built boat on a broker’s website which I had downloaded several years ago. to my suprise this turned out to be Fulani .

The broker’s description said it was built in 1966, a year after my own boat, Crunluath. From the photos it does look almost identical to Crunluath  apart from the bowsprit and modern forehatch. Some boats had a bowsprit added to improve weather helm but I am pretty sure this was not original equipment.

Chris has been working on the boat for three years and no doubt hopes to be afloat soon!

I do wonder if this boat might have been called Tarpon as I do know a boat of this name was built by the Boag yard. If you know about this boat or Tarpon do get in touch.

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