Crunluath’s Fiftieth Season

image2014 will be Crunluath’s fiftieth season of sailing, not bad for a simple boat. This was no Lloyds A1 built boat but an artisan built yacht crafted more by eye than by plan and built by men who had served their time learning the traditional skills of boatbuilding using methods which had changed little in the previous fifty years.

Two weeks of hard won graft with more than a few breaks for weather and worn muscles are over and we are almost ready for another trip on the hoist. There is work to do on the cabin top,  mast and rigging to check over but the end is in sight and as always the optimism of a new year afloat is growing.

Crunluath spent the winter afloat and despite a few abrasions is all the better for it. There was surprisingly little growth on the hull after eighteen months afloat but a few barnacles were firmly attached to the propellor. The power wash took most off and there was not too much filling and fairing to do but I suspect my standards have dropped with increasing age and decrepitude. ( Me not the boat! ) The phrase “It’ll do” crops up more frequently but there are standards to be achieved because that phrase almost certainly never cropped up in the Boag yard, at least not when Dad was in earshot.

Thanks Ian and your brother, you did a great job, bet you never thought it would last this long! From what I gather old Wully was a hard man and life under him cannot have been easy but that is how things were half a century and more ago. Not many of us make something that gives fifty years of joy and pride of ownership to half a dozen families but Crunluath has done and continues to do so. I’ll keep going for a little longer but Crunluath will outlast me!




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  1. Keith,
    Good to see you are on top of the fitting out.. We hope to meet up with you sometime this year.
    We plan to be in Tarbert on 10th and 11th May for the FYC opening muster aboard Squaw.
    Fulani looks to me to be a “Largs class” which was a slightly smaller sister to the Honeybee, Zara was the first built in 1965, then Carna plus one other. The rig is not original, and Willie Boag built another 2 but with the modification of a counter stern. One was Zara the other Dileas in 1969.
    All the very best, Gordon Wilson. (Crunluath 1967 till 1981).

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