Sailing On



This is what the remains of thirty years of boat projects looks like.

Moving house is pretty traumatic after such a long time in the same place but sorting through failed projects, the remains of successful projects and all those pieces you have saved because one day they will come in handy, is a bit of a nightmare. That one day seldom came but still the bits piled up, spurred on by the exhorbitant cost of timber, plywood and adhesives and encouraged by a surplus of storage space.

On the bright side many happy memories came flooding back, a laminated tiller from a GP14, another from a Flying Fifteen and lots of bits from eleven years ownership of Crunluath . There are experimental lamination projects, patterns for the tricky bits to avoid spoiling expensive marine ply and hardwoods, half a lifetime of evenings and weekends spent crafting the latest boat or part of boat. There were frustrations of course and minor disasters but most memories were of happy times sailing the completed boat: scaring ourselves silly in big seas and high winds sailing a GP14 at National Championships and a never to be forgotten sail at Cowes for the Flying Fifteen’s 50th Anniversary with the paint still drying as we launched, ending the week swanking it on the Platform of the Royal Yacht Squadron.

In recent years there have been balmy evenings at anchor in the Burnt Islands listening to the sounds of almost nothing at all or swinging from a mooring at Lochranza whilst the seals sang and the land breeze brought a whiff of malt whisky from the distillery.

It might be just a pile of wood to you but its a skip full of memories for me.

Its time to sail on from the house I have called home for so long but Crunluath is still around, looking a bit neglected this season but we’ll soon put that right with a touch of TLC and a glass of malt. Now where are those shed brochures?

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