They think it’s all over, it isn’t now.

Crunluath at MillportOh what happened to you,

Whatever happened to me.

What became of the people we used to be?

It happens to us all, even The Likely Lads. (60’s/ 70’s sitcom characters. Theme tune lyrics above) Suddenly it seems it might be all over, well it isn’t now. (misquote Wolstenholme 1966) There’s time for another push to keep the old boat afloat; that’s vessel and skipper.

I had just settled down with a dram and Classic FM when a ping from the ipad heralded a tweet from Iain McAllister reminding me of his blog post about the 1968 Tobermory Race.Iain also drew my attention to a comment from the granddaughter of the builder of Crunluath, William Boag. She said how she remembered the launchings in Largs and how Iain’s blog had made her smile.  We have never met but I guess we are about the same age, we have an invisible connection through her grandfather.

It’s memories like this that keep me me going, even when it seems it could well be all over. The last nine months have been the hardest yet keeping Crunluath and me sailing. William Boag and his sons did a great job on Crunluath but surely she was never expected to last this long, 51 ears this spring. Neither did I. I have outlived my Dad by 14 years already, past my best before date, but not yet at the sell by date I trust.

Put aside ideas ideas about giving up Crunluath my daughter wrote to me earlier this year. This was after I sent her a comment from Dylan Winter about a 92 year old yottie sailing the Humber. I’ll try.

Back to basics, I have been struggling with neglect, paintwork to attend to and crucially bilge pump replacement and reinstallation to fix. Engine electrics are a constant bugbear probably because modern engines are marine conversions of engines designed to power building machinery and the like where the chance of swamping or corrosion by salt water is remote.

Storm Katie is battering the south of England as I write, it’s only March, stay calm and keep preparing. KISS, keep it simple, stupid. A principal I try hard to follow. There may be troubles ahead But…

Before they ask us to pay the bill
And while we still have the chance
Let’s face the music and dance.


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