When the going gets tough…

Crunluath July 2016
Crunluath July 2016
…the tough get going. Guess I am not one of the tough then.
Last summer Crunluath’s cabin port side warped, probably owing to sun exposure on the same side for the last 15 plus years. A nasty split opened up and I was for some time at a loss to know what to do about it. It is one of the disadvantages of a marina mooring, on a swinging mooring the boat is never exposed to the sun on one side only.
After attempting various temporary cures I decided a spell ashore and some serious woodwork was required. I set off with good intentions but the job did not go smoothly and time marched on. Other jobs cropped up, real life got in the way of boat maintenance and before I knew it the summer was gone, autumn set in and the winter loomed.
At this point the tough would have got going; I lost heart, let things slide and got thoroughly depressed. Wooden boats to not suffer things sliding and have no sympathy at all for depression. A plan had to be put in place.
Varnished wood had to be reduced to a minimum. Keeping a boat more than two hours drive from home has always been a problem, old age is setting in, me and the boat, this was no time for further procrastination. A coat of white paint on the cabin and cockpit sides didn’t look half so bad as I feared. It should make maintenance easier and may, as my son pointed out, reflect sunlight and reduce further warping.
A year has passed but we are afloat again, upgraded pumping systems have cleared the post launch leaks and the prospect of actually sailing before too long is cheering. Most things work, the boat is still work in progress but aren’t all wooden boats and at least there is progress.
Right now the rain has eased but the wind is howling, marina’s are noisy places in a blow, Wales has just lost a miserable game of football and the country is on a leaderless course to the dogs but hey my boat floats and doesn’t leak… much…the pump has just kicked in! The Clyde looks as glorious as it ever did and there is sailing to be enjoyed. What’s not to like as the modern generation says?

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  1. Hi Keith good to hear from you, I did not realise you lived far away from boat , it must be hard getting jobs done I find it tedious and I am only ten minutes from my boat. I had the same problem on one cabin side with two cracks, which I filled with thin strips of mahogany.not perfect but with my glasses off looks ok.crunlth looks very shipshape as you say it’s never all done.i have just finished making and fitting new engine bearers ready for a beta 14 which is going in soon.boat is basically ready but I am reluctant ant to go out of newhaven without an engine.i am hoping to do some sailing. Later in season,I am sure this last job will take twice as long as allowed for.i have now been doing this project for over four years where does time go? I must say I do enjoy working on my boat and now it not to different from yours. Enjoy this season All best wishes

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